Transmitting Stations

London Region
Croydon9V194.75675191.2722nd Sept., 1955.
Midland Region
Lichfield8V189.75186.2517th Feb., 1956.
Northern Region
Winter Hill9V194.75191.253rd May, 1956.
Emley Moor10V199.7372196.26053rd Nov., 1956.
South Wales and West of England Region
St. Hilary10V199.7305196.239514th Jan 1958
Central Southern Region
Chillerton Down, Isle of Wight11V204.75201.2530th Aug., 1958
North East Region
Burnhope8H189.75675186.27015th January 1959
East Anglian Region
Mendlesham11H204.75675201.27Autumn 1959
Northern Ireland Region
Black Mountain9H194.74325191.230Autumn 1959
South Eastern Region
Dover10V199.7135196.1985late 1959

Author: Independent Television Authority

The ITA was established in 1954 to select the Independent Television programme contractors and broadcast their output to the UK and the Channel Islands. In 1972 it was given responsibility for radio and renamed the Independent Broadcasting Authority. It closed in 1990 when the commercial television and radio system in the UK was effectively privatised.